Download BBRR Youth Cow Horse Release

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Youth Cow Horse Championship

Age Divisions

Juniors- 12 years & under

Seniors- 13 17 years

Negative coggins required

Parents must sign liability wavier when checking in.


Five (5) minute time limit

Dry Work Portion

Complete a reigning pattern following these guidelines:

  • Roll back- you need to roll back at least once each direction
  • Circles- at least four, two in each dearection, two large and fast, two small and slow showing speed control
  • Lead changes- at least two, one each direction
  • Stops- you must complete at least two
  • Backing- stop and back at least 15 ft.
  • Spins- at least two each direction
Cow Work Portion

After completing the dry work, the contestant will call for their cow. You must box the cow at the end of the arena showing control. You must then take the cow down the fence and turn it back at least once in each direction. You should then circle the cow in the middle of t he arena (not on the fence) both directions and then pull up to signal the completion of your run. Both divisions have the option to either circle the cow or rope the cow. If your option is to rope the cow, you must turn and drag (log) the cow at least 10 ft. Once she is logged 10ft. and you have faced her with slack time will be called as completion of your run.


Contact John or Mary Ann Ludecke with any questions about the Big Bend Ranch Rodeo Youth Ranch Horse Competition.